Mr. Chubby Shuttles

We transport your dreams into reality whilst making unforgettable memories

We are a safe, reliable on-time shuttle services for travelers. Mr. Chubby Shuttles is the perfect option for hassle-free travel, we deliver seamless service underpinned by an unwavering commitment to your safety and comfort throughout your journey.

When you book Mr. Chubby Shuttles you can look forward to exceedingly reasonable rates, efficient administrative and support staff, personalized service from pick-up to drop-off, experienced neat and courteous drivers but most of all you can be sure that you will arrive at your destination relaxed and on time. Our commitment to prompt arrival is one aspect of our service offerings that never falters. Mr. Chubby shuttles is a shuttling service operating between Nelspruit, Johannesburg, and Maputo working in partnership with travel agencies.

We transport your dreams into reality whilst making unforgettable memories, we offer an exclusive personalized, and professional service with uncompromised integrity, our success is built on trust and loyalty between ourselves and our clients and our reputation as a reliable partner in the shuttle industry. We pride ourselves in being open and honest towards all parties, our clients are well aware and accustomed in discussing their specific needs and suggestions with us, we offer an open door policy which makes communication easier open and more direct.

We are here to offer the best shuttling services with following benefits to our clients:

  • Hassle-free traveling
  • Safe journey
  • Reliable shuttle services
  • On-time journey
  • Cost effective services
  • Friendly staff

Many travellers believe availing the best transportation services comes with a heavy price tag, nut we have busted this myth or tradition by providing ultimate personal transportation services at affordable prices. Our team focuses on not compromising on quality services over providing services at reasonable rates for meeting our customer’s expectations