We promise a comfortable trip with our tour packages

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Advantages of Shuttling Services
July 3, 2018
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We promise a comfortable trip with our tour packages

Mr Chubby Shuttles

Travelling comfortably is ideal for everyone. Shuttling for a long distance can be tiring, unless you travel with comfort.

Mr Chubby Shuttles will guarantee you the most relaxing travel. With so many tour packages we offer, it could be the most memorable trip you have been in.

Mr Chubby Shuttles offers you a travel that will make you feel like you are at the comfort of your home.

These will be you shuttle experience tour packages:

Free Wi-Fi

Travelling comfortably

Who said you can’t travel and still be unlimitedly connected to the outside world? You will have access to free Wi-Fi from your point of depart, until you reach your destination. You will have access to the internet and you won`t spend on it. You will be keeping in touch with your friends and family. Sharing your tour with the world on the internet.



Friendly travelling service

Your body temperature is important for your comfortable travelling. Our air-conditioners will keep a cold temperature in the heat, and a warm temperature in the cold.

Friendly service

You would not want to spend your money where you will be ill-treated. We guarantee the friendliest, accommodating and being treated special. We make each and every customer feel like they are the only one we are shuttling. We make sure to feel the importance of our customers so we give them the best service. Also, our customers need to feel the importance of being part of the business.

In addition, on our mission to serve the best services, we also promise safety. We make sure that our transport is at the best service before going on the road. You would not regret travelling with us.

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